Modern historical portrait

Orttheater makes in collaboration with Porta Mosana College from Maastricht and the
Europaschule Herzogenrath a modern site-specific theatre piece about a history from
Maastricht. The modern view off the pupils will be portrait as an photographical story. Those Photos are coming a live with the use of an augmented reality app. The history of the ENCI and its environment is the inspiration of the photographical Stories.

The Idea is that 30 students from the Netherlands and 30 from Germany will meet at the AINSI in Maastricht.
In groups of 6 people (3 from Maastricht, 3 from Herzogenrath) they make 1 film.
At the end we have 10 different photos and 10 films detached on every photo.

The main inspiration is the area around the ENCI. We will work at the AINSI.

They pupils can choose between three different roads/locations:

1) Road off the brick
2) Road off the sea
3) Road off the grain

When they visit every location they should have 3 questions in there head.
What do you find under and below the surface? What do you hear? How does it move?

With making the film they pupils have to think in the theme time traveling. It’s about finding a way of translate history in a moving image what is changing. It shouldn’t be to literally or realistic.
They should find a way of telling an aspect of the location in sound, or movement off the body, costume, objects etc.

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